Embrace Academy

A brand new way to do kids ministry

What if summer camp was on a Sunday?

Embrace Academy is a new method of doing kids ministry that disciples kids, brings purpose to volunteers, and reaches lost families. 

Summer camps for kids are interest-based (horse camp, sports camp, art camp, etc). Most parents choose camps for their kids based on their child's interest and what they can afford. Embrace Academy is interest-based, no cost to families, and kid-led—a kids ministry for kids, by kids, and all about Jesus. It's like summer camp, but on a Sunday!

Embrace Academy is ...


  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Baking
  • Drama

No cost for families

  • Embrace Academy creates opportunities for all children to participate, regardless of economic barriers. All activities will be free for families.


  • Kids will be able to pick their activity based on their unique interests and talents.

How can I help?

We would love to partner with you to help make Embrace Academy a success for our kids! Whether you have an awesome group idea, are interested in learning more about becoming an Embrace Academy volunteer, or are all in and ready to go for a 9-week session, click the button below and sign up to get plugged in!